Advantages of Digital over Traditional Outdoor Media:

1. No need to pay for print or billposting.


2. You can change your ad as many times as you want and at whatever time of day.


3. You can introduce animation (or full motion video on some locations) to enhance customer experience.


4. Last minute copy changes can be easily uploaded (example: Restaurant Specials).


5. You can choose when your ad is displayed, for example you can set the ad to show   only when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees.


6. Digital screens are designed to "catch the eye" in a way traditional media just can't.


7. You can display multiple messages within your 10 second "slot"


8. You can introduce Twitter feeds or Facebook posts automatically into your ad.


9. you can provide up_to_the_minute information via RSS feed (example: Display Available Car Parking Spaces).


10. You can engage with your audience in ways never before possible on traditional media (example: Augmented reality)

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