The Simple Solution to LED Display Ownership

Whether you are a Landlord seeking to improve the income on your property or an outdoor media operator looking to expand its portfolio of advertising sites, Ledlease can help.


With a dedicated team of designers, installers, engineers and software developers, Ledlease can offer a complete solution.


The LED market is still in its infancy and as such there are hundreds of manufacturers to choose from. Although a very competitive market the prices are still very high however the likelihood of making a mistake is also very high. Many factories are liquidating due to increased competition and sadly many people will find themselves with worthless LED displays with no support or spare parts. 

Only the very best manufacturers will survive in the long term.


At Ledlease we take away the worry and stress by providing a fully funded turnkey solution that never goes into obsolescence. We self finance all of our installations and we do not source funding from banks or leasing companies. We even take care of the Planning Permission.


If you require further information please CONTACT US for more information.

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