Content Control


DayLite LED software allows users to control single or multiple locations. A central server can control content on individual screens or multiple locations anywhere in the world. Images or videos can be uploaded onto the server and sent to each screen with specific instructions such as when to display each image, for how long and in what order. 

Screen Control

Our screen control software controls every aspect of the screen's operation. The LED screen's brightness can be automatically controlled to change according to ambient conditions. Light sensors on the LED display feed information to the on board PC and the screen's light output is adjusted accordingly, which ensures you get the best viewing experience whether day or night. Calibration of the screen is also controlled using this software (see calibration tab).

Diagnostics Features

Our diagnostic software continually monitors each screen and reports and acts on any faults or potentially harmful situations that may affect the screen or it's parts. For example if a cooling fan where to fail, the software can be programmed to shut down the screen to avoid any damage to the LED's or other components. The table below illustrates how the system works.

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