Anti Ageing Cream for your Screen

When it comes to screens, nothing beats SMD LED. And no ordinary SMD screen beats DayLite LED in terms of long term picture quality. All LED's degrade with time, but DayLite LED has the remedy – in the form of remote colour calibration, a unique system that compensates for the effects of ageing. 

The harder the display is driven, the quicker the LED's will degrade. Because the LED's degrade at different rates, the quality of the image can be affected. Until recently screens could only be calibrated in the factory using a spectrometer which in most cases would have been cost prohibitive. 
DayLite LED screens adopt a revolutionary calibration system that alters the brightness and colour balance of each individual LED. This calibration can be done on site by our operatives. We use specialist industrial camera equipment to monitor the performance of each LED. The software then calculates new coefficients that are then instantly uploaded to the screen. The result is a brighter, clearer, superior image. 

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